Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sewing Classes in Henderson, NV

Sewing classes coming soon to Henderson, NV

We have moved from Savannah, GA to Henderson, NV.  As soon as I get settled in and get my sewing studio up and running I will be starting classes.

Adult workshops:  Available in 1hr-2 1/2 hr classes
Vintage Apron, Mini Quilt, Shopping Tote, Cosmetic Bag, Handbag, Skirt, Cuffs, Snack bag 
& many more options

Children’s after school classes: Ages 7 and up

Learn the basics:  a series of 6 one hour classes
During this series student will learn the parts to the sewing machine, how to thread and wind the bobbin, how to straight stitch and how to zigzag stitch. The first class will be spent learning the machine by piecing scrap fabrics together.  The remaining classes will be spent designing, cutting, sewing and embellishing a purse, mini quilt, apron, or skirt.  (other options available depending on age)
Crash Classes: Available in 1 to 1½ hour classes
Activity Bag, Super hero cape, king or queen crown, apron, kids cuffs

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